Great! The Golden Globe Nominations are announced officially and there are some expected as well as surprising titles on the list. A list I can mainly comment on as a reader, not as a viewer, since I live in The Slow Paced Netherlands, kingdom of the Late Release. To understand that in full, please consider the Best Picture nominees in the category Drama (other Best Picture nominees fall under the category Musical or Comedy). My congratulations go to Black Swan, The Fighter, Inception, The King’s Speech and The Social Network. My condolences go out to all Dutch enthusiasts. Black Swan isn’t due for nearly three months here. The King’s Speech is two months away from being released. The Fighter: beginning of March. I wont be able to see them in regular print before the day of the actual awards (the 16th of January), unless I attend early press screenings…

Not that I am for it, but I do see why people board their digital pirate ships for some treasure hunting. Internet buzz can cause many a night spent thinking about how cool a film will be, so why torture anticipating film fanatics with a slow release? Oh boy, I can’t wait to see TRON (no nomination). Its regular release is the 26th of January here in The Netherlands. All the lucky buggers in the rest of world are able to go see it this week. My poor head almost explodes with anticipation when I think of seeing Aronofsky’s Black Swan (I was one of the few people that got blown away by The Fountain). The only remedy to stop that feeling is by simply watching it. It takes a lot of patience to read about how a film is supposed to be a masterpiece without being able to form my own opinion. Dutch theatrical releases are tantalizing!

Back to the nominations. I don’t find many big surprises there, although there are a few. Where in the name of epic and pounding soundtrack making is the nomination for Daft Punk’s TRON Legacy? That’s like not nominating the human hand in the category of things that are useful to pick up objects with. The Tourist still got three nominations after its meagre results at the box office and poor critical acclaim. The King’s Speech is in for seven Globes, followed by The Social Network and The Fighter with six nominations each. It is interesting that all directors that got their films nominated for Best Picture (Drama) did receive a nomination for their personal efforts too. Read more about it by clicking here, also for the for the full list of film nominations.