The countdown has begun, in just ten days the 27th edition of the Imagine Film Festival (previously known as Amsterdam Fantastic Film Festival) will provide hordes of fans with horror, sci-fi, thriller, pulp and cult. No one less than Rutger Hauer shall receive the Career Achievement Award and his latest film Hobo With a Shotgun will open the festival this year. Of course Sarcastic Assault is present at the site in Amsterdam, albeit unofficially. I will be writing daily reports for and though, so don’t miss out!

Of course this year too Imagine will feature its Night of Terror again as the greatest tradition of the festival. Four bloody horror films will be screened to a public that traditionally cries out profanities to every actor and actress on the big screen. I will not repeat them here, but I will be shouting them there. Besides that Imagine will offer a special encounter with Bob Murawski, the Oscar winning editor of the Spider-Man films and The Hurt Locker. During a free masterclass he will tell all about what it’s like working together with Sam Raimi and Kathryn Bigelow.

To warm you up a bit, here are some previews to my favourite films of this edition. Leave your festival favourites in the comments!

I have written about Hobo With a Shotgun already, but this is the new and extremely awesome Red Band Trailer:


Rubber is a film you cant miss. My review here and trailer there:


13 Assassins is the newest Takashi Miike. It is a samurai epic (so no absurd gangster movie) and it should be a homage to classic samurai films:


Here is a link to all films, including their trailers, on the website of Imagine Film Festival.