There are tons of films that time forgot. But where time forgets, fans remember. A hommage to these fans and their films. [Archive]

Today’s trailer you have never seen before has a title that says it all. In a world after the apocalypse men are near extinction and most women have lost their fertility (seriously, why is almost every post-apocalyptic world really, really awesome?). Mankind is on the brink of damnation, the end is nigh, we are all doomed, DOOMED!, that sort of stuff. Rapist, murderer and fertile Sam Hell, played by WWE wrestler ‘Rowdy’ Roddy Piper, gets recruited to impregnate abducted virgins. One problem: they are held in Frogtown, a wasteland village ruled by mutant frogs. What is there to say? B-flick, cool costumes, lovely one-liners and Roddy Piper’s genitals that get mentioned a bit too much.

“You have aroused the three snakes.”