There are tons of films that time forgot. But where time forgets, fans remember. A hommage to these fans and their films. [Archive]

This film is not as weird as the trailer, but still: it’s about a boy and a speaking dog only he can understand. They wander the planes of a post-apocalyptic world, scavenging what they can find. Until the boy finds a girl. He follows her through a rabbit hole (a door actually, but Alice is really not far away) to find out she lives in an underground city inhabited by odd people with odd rules and odd make-up. He doesn’t like it there. The film actually has some good moments between the boy and the dog, of which the latter is really just a dog with a voice over. Did I mention the film was a bit odd? It’s pretty good though and not even in a bad way. You should watch it some time. Young Don Johnson has the lead as the boy.