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So there I sat, sixteen years old. The lights dimmed and the screen in front of me filled with light. I had no idea what to expect, but two and a half hours passed in what looked like two and a half minutes. I was awestruck by Ridley Scott’s Gladiator.

Now ten years have passed and Gladiator is still one of my favourite movies of all time. But I have been watching a lot of films. Place nor time limit the pleasure of viewing pictures and I enjoy a lot of them both artistically and for entertainment. After I got my bachelor’s degree in communication and information sciences with a minor in film and television studies, I went on to study film. Now I have a master’s degree in film and television sciences. I scribble about movies too. My thesis was an extensive piece on the structure of Japanese writer/director Hayao Miyazaki so I probably don’t need to mention that I enjoy his work a lot. Jim Jarmusch is also one of my favourite directors, especially in combination with Bill Murray. This blog is a reflection of my current likes and tastes. I don’t try to be too serious, but in the end I write what I mean and I mean what I write.

I hope you enjoy my reviews. Perhaps it might provide a chuckle or a little insight in the films I mention on here. Feel free, of course, to comment on anything I post.

Pim Wijers

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