Today’s Film You Have Never Seen Before

There are tons of films that time forgot. But where time forgets, fans remember. A hommage to these fans and their films. — Backlog

14-04-2011 – A Boy and his Dog

This film is not as weird as the trailer, but still: it’s about a boy and a speaking dog only he can understand. They wander the planes of a post-apocalyptic world, scavenging what they can find. Until the boy finds a girl. He follows her through a rabbit hole (a door actually, but Alice is really not far away) to find out she lives in an underground city inhabited by odd people with odd rules and odd make-up. He doesn’t like it there. The film actually has some good moments between the boy and the dog, of which the latter is really just a dog with a voice over. Did I mention the film was a bit odd? It’s pretty good though and not even in a bad way. You should watch it some time. Young Don Johnson has the lead as the boy.

12-04-2011 – Zardoz

Sean Connery is showing off fancy red underpants, men walk around with bare nipples and women are wearing see through outfits in John Boorman’s Zardoz. This seventies sci-fi flick is set in a world where The Penis is Bad and the Gun is Good. The film has strong seventies vibrations, but not the good ones like in A Clockwork Orange (even though that film was released in 1969). Zardoz is dated beyond seriousness, just the way we like it at Sarcastic Assault (come to think, perhaps  Lynch’s Dune is a better comparison). I bet you  have never seen James Bond with a porn moustache. And concluding: Beethoven is always good in film, especially the over-used 7th Symphony. Nietzsche would have been proud to see a movie about this futuristic übermensch.

11-04-2011 – Hell Comes To Frogtown

Today’s trailer you have never seen before has a title that says it all. In a world after the apocalypse men are near extinction and most women have lost their fertility (seriously, why is almost every post-apocalyptic world really, really awesome?). Mankind is on the brink of damnation, the end is nigh, we are all doomed, DOOMED!, that sort of stuff. Rapist, murderer and fertile Sam Hell, played by WWE wrestler ‘Rowdy’ Roddy Piper, gets recruited to impregnate abducted virgins. One problem: they are held in Frogtown, a wasteland village ruled by mutant frogs. What is there to say? B-flick, cool costumes, lovely one-liners and Roddy Piper’s genitals that get mentioned a bit too much.

“You have aroused the three snakes.”

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